1. Aimee

    so so so good!!! and since i was there that day, and witnessed first hand, you were graceful but also stood upper yourself and what you needed. and time with your GOD is the most important thing on any day but especially your wedding day! i had mounds of respect for you and how you handled all of that!! (not that you care about my opinion!) xoxo

    • tylerwright11062016

      I love you, Aimee! Thank you for encouraging me and for being a part of it all! I am so thankful I have you to look up to and go through life together!

  2. I love you. Change is so hard – we love to know the future and the plans and when that shifts, we feel unsteady. Thank God He’s never freaked out by our freak outs. He made us to be human. I love you – God is doing beautiful works of grace and growth in your heart. I think so often about what Donald said to us that day; we demonstrate the glory of God when we are fully free to be who God made us to be, living the best version of ourselves. So many things have to be shaken off to get there, it is a constant unveiling, and it’s painful. But underneath it all is Jesus’ glory revealed in us. So humbling. I’m processing through it and I love that you are too. ❤❤❤

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