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I can’t believe I am days away from my 1 year anniversary of being Kevin’s wife!!! I am pretty sure I blinked and this year flew by. It has easily been the best year of my life living every single day with my best friend in the world. We have had so many incredible days together and I know that there are infinitely more ahead.
I am struggling between feelings of bittersweet and excitement. Bittersweet because this year flew by so fast and I just want to hold onto every moment. Excitement because I know we have so much more adventure to look forward to together.
I’ve been wanting to write this for awhile now, but I am the slowest processor with big life changes so I honestly didn’t feel ready. I know I don’t have all the answers and I know my experience is a drop in the bucket, but I have a huge heart for my fellow brides out there who are struggling with the planning of their weddings and the adjustment to life right after marriage. So today I am talking all the details and things I’ve learned working up to my wedding and the actual wedding day itself! I have links under all of the categories so just click away for their contact info!

Before you read any further, I just want to encourage every bride to relax into their wedding days as much as possible. Laugh about the rain, ignore the insensitive comment that your family or friend didn’t mean, take the time you need to be alone, take the time you need to be with your family and friends, do whatever you need to find joy.
I wish I would’ve taken walks around my gorgeous venue property all morning with my mom & bridesmaids, having quality time with each of them. I wish I would’ve had some alone time with Jesus for longer than 15 minutes that day, just to be centered and reminded of his promises. I wish I would’ve helped with the decorating and spent more time with my family.
I had the most beautiful wedding day, and I know you will too, but the pressure to make it the “best day ever” needs to go away. After my wedding and honeymoon were over, I felt so guilty because my wedding day was awesome, everything I dreamed of, but I wouldn’t say it was my best day ever. I’ve had so many days so far that are all so special in their own ways. After processing for awhile, I realized that if we keep our perspectives on Jesus, we are going to have so many “best day evers!” The day we start a family, when we move to our dream city, when we build or buy our first home, when we go on magnificent vacations, when we just have a really great day together doing nothing at all, etc. Let your wedding day be your wedding day and soak it in and have so much fun, it’ll be one of the best days of your life, but I pray for so much more joy in the days ahead. These are the good old days, now!

I want to start this blog bragging on my incredible wedding photographer, Angela Nobles. Angie is not only one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, but she is all things kind, graceful and confident. She encouraged me the whole wedding day, she made me even more excited for marriage during my bridal shoot and she helped me focus on the important things and let go of the small things that I tried to worry over. I love the way Angie loves Jesus and championed Kevin and I as we walked into this glorious covenant. Angie partnered with Jacob Trevino for my actual wedding day for shooting, as well as her husband, Trent Nobles, and the three of them absolutely covered every second of my wedding day. I was overwhelmed with tears as I got my photos back. Please don’t think twice about booking Angie and Jacob for your special event. They are the BEST. Every photo in this post is a product of their beautiful work, so enjoy!

Balmorhea Events was a dream come true. Melissa and Justin Carswell are such rockstars. Not only was this venue located on Wright Rd, but it was exactly what Kevin and I envisioned our wedding day to be. I can’t brag enough on how intentional Justin and Melissa are with their clients and how they cared about every detail of our wedding day and made sure it was exactly what we wanted. This beautiful property made me feel the Lord’s presence even deeper than I already expected on our wedding day. It is a place of peace, of holiness and you can’t help but feel the joy that this venue is built on. The venue has so many options for where you can actually have your ceremony. Kev and I absolutely loved the outdoor area on the lakeside. We had thunderstorms the day of our wedding, but with a lot of prayer and faith, we risked it and got married lakeside and it was GLORIOUS. I’ll never forget saying my vows to my sweet husband to be while thunder rolled in the background. I loved it! They have an inside ceremony space that is absolutely gorgeous, too, but we used it for our reception. They also have a dreamy patio with a fire place that gives me all the feels!

This is an area of my wedding that I didn’t really care too much about.. which sounds crazy!! When I went wedding dress shopping at Brickhouse Bridal in the Woodlands, I literally only had that day to find my dress. I was really open minded with what I wanted, but my only regret is that I didn’t give more styles a chance. I wish I would’ve tried on a lot of different looks! Some looks that I didn’t even think I’d consider, I wish I would’ve taken the pressure off to find something and just had fun trying on anything! Granted, I know I would’ve chosen my gorgeous gown all over again, but it would’ve been great to have had more fun with it. My dress was not something I would’ve picked out for myself, but I’m so glad that my bridal consultant, Jessica, saw it and grabbed it for me!  The dresses I was sure I’d like, I hated on me.. The ones I didn’t think I’d like, were my runner ups! It’s so funny. LESSON: Give everything a chance! You never know what you’re going to leave with and that is so exciting!
A huge thank you to my precious Aunt Donna, who gifted me this dreamy dress and veil. She has always been a second mother to me and gave me the sweetest gift in this dress.
As far as bridesmaids go, I chose a neutral taupe color and sent the girls color swaps and let them pick whatever they wanted! That way they could save their money in some places and feel comfortable and confident in what they were wearing that day. I had put them in a fun order to mix up the lengths and it turned out beautiful!


I decided pretty late in the game that I wanted real flowers in my wedding. I went to an open house at Balmorhea and I fell in love with the beauty that live flower arrangements can bring to a room. I asked around a lot for recommendations and every flower vendor I came across charged so much more than I was willing to spend. Don’t get me wrong, I know making floral arrangements is a lot of work and that it can be worth every penny, but it wasn’t THAT important to me! I finally came across HEB Blooms! at Market Street here in the Woodlands. I worked with a man named Gerald who absolutely went above and beyond my wildest dreams for flowers! I showed him an arrangement that I found on Pinterest and he did an even better job than my “inspiration.” He talked me out of any bold colors in my bridal bouquet and I’m so glad he did. He gave my bridesmaids the beautiful bold colors and stuck me with the softer pallets so it didn’t take away from my gown. He’s brilliant! These bouquets, two or three arrangements, the boutonnieres and the corsages for the mothers all cost less than $1k. And if you learn anything from this post, please give your flower girl a little bouquet. It’s the most adorable thing in the world! Bekah felt like one of the big girls in our group and she was the most fun!
PRO TIP: Use your bridesmaids bouquets for centerpiece arrangements for the reception! We had vases that were empty at several tables and my girls placed their bouquets in them before the reception began. They grabbed them again before they left as keepsakes! Money saver!!



This credit can only be given to my mom. My mom is seriously beyond a Joanna Gaines. She personally handmade every bit of my wedding centerpieces and creatively pieced together different items to make each table unique and beautiful. My dad built me a giant wooden cross that I asked for and it is proudly standing at their ranch in Hill Country today. He also built a gorgeous hanging piece above my dance floor because I dreamed of dancing under flowers and lanterns. Best dad ever! My mom would never market herself, but she is the most creative person I know and is someone who puts her heart in everything she designs. She truly captured everything I dreamed of in my wedding. And she handled working around the rain like a champ! PRO TIP: Use your groomsmen and let them do a lot of the heavy lifting and trips from the car to the venue. My mom did EVERYTHING and was so worn out by the time the ceremony was about to start. Our groomsmen had no idea she needed help because she was so quick and quiet about hauling in all of the decorations! If I had known this that day, I would’ve gathered an army to help her! She went above and beyond on my wedding day, but it would have been so much more smooth if she would’ve asked the guys for help and “project managed” the whole thing instead! She definitely learned the hard way to ask for help when it was tear down time after the wedding! Basically my parents and our wedding party ROCKED. Shout out to my amazing creative friends, Christie Lacy & Lynda Bonning for their amazing calligraphy skills. Fred and Rachel Billings went above and beyond for us and brought in the perfect tree stumps to line the aisle. Fred also built the gorgeous doors we walked through. I couldn’t have asked for anything better! The Billings’ family has a business that specializes in landscape, design and construction projects, so look no further for those needs of yours!

My sweet friend Alex Summers with Studio A came and did mine and my moms hair for the wedding and my bridals! She was so wonderful to work with an even lent a helping hand to my bridesmaids that were curling their own hair! She went above and beyond to make sure everyone felt beautiful and looked amazing! If you know anything about me, you know I have a ton of hair! Anyone who can master my hair is the best of the best!




Bragging on HEB Market Street again! We had a huge dessert table for the people to come and get whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted. My mom went in a few months before the wedding and ordered a large variety of desserts and they were a hit!
Our wedding cake is from Tout Suite and was so delicious that we didn’t even save it! We will order another one this year!
Darrel’s Catering catered our wedding and it was amazing! They provided a large variety that was great for every guest. They were easily the kindest caterers and served everyone so well!
We used Bartending2U for our beer and wine bar and they were fantastic! My dad went to Specs and picked up a large variety of wine and beer for our guests to enjoy and we received SO many compliments on it!


I met my sweet friend, Gerardo Lopez, on a mission trip in Costa Rica. He has such a servants heart and a passion for music! He was the first person I thought of when we were thinking of DJ’s and I was so glad he was there for our special night. He met us for lunch and we planned out everything our heart’s desired for entertainment and he was so intentional with his song choices all night! PM me if you would like his contact info!!


I want to give a special thanks to our parents who went above and beyond to make sure we had the most special day. We are so grateful to Aimee Loeser for coordinating our day and for making sure everything went perfectly. We couldn’t have done it without her!
Thank you to the greatest bridal party who have walked beside us, prayed for us, and were the life of the party the whole weekend!
Thank you to all of you who came to celebrate us and those who cheered us on from afar. We love you all and are so grateful to do life with you.


Year 1 has been an adventure! Bring on year 2!


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  • What a wonderful Bridal Guide you put together. It’s full of great and practical advice. It was a beautiful wedding and your words captured it perfectly. And – the pictures are spectacular! Congratulations to you and Kevin on your 1ST Anniversary💕 Love you sweet Niece😘