The Dreamiest Maternity Shoot

If I haven’t already, I want to introduce you to our dear friends, Andrew & Tyler. Yes, you read that correctly! I have the sweetest friend who shares the same name as me! It’s so much fun. Andrew and Tyler became instant friends to Kevin and I after our dogs literally pulled us to each other on a walk at our apartment complex this past Spring. It is so much fun having these friends live so close to us to where we literally do life together. What a gift! And if you were wondering, yes, our dogs are bff’s, too!

Andrew and Tyler have been together for around 6 years & got married last August. They found out they were expecting their first child in the Spring time and it’s been such a joy to walk with them through this exciting season! They were so fun to shoot with and made my “job” a fun hike in the woods! I couldn’t get over how wonderful their shoot was an how awesome these images turned out.

Stay tuned for baby Bailey’s arrival around New Years Day!



Author: Tyler

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