Meet Tyler


+I love Jesus.

+I am a natural light photographer.

+Marriage is the coolest and I married way up!

+I am a full blown dog mom.

+Anything at Anthropologie is a good gift for me.

+I’m a Baylor Bear. C/O 2014. Sic ‘Em Forever!

+Tacos are my favorite.

+Mountains are my happy place.

+Dream Vacation is SWITZERLAND!

+Coffee dates with new friends make my day.

+Airports make me giddy. I love the idea of going ANYWHERE.

+I want to visit all 50 States. I’m only 17 in!

+I am fascinated with people’s stories. You’ll catch me reading biographies all the time!

+My biggest dream is to travel and impact the world on an unlimited budget!

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This is my husband, Kevin. We met at a bible study we were in together in college. We were friends for over a year before he asked me on our first date. I knew when we started dating that he was my forever and I’d never be the same! We got engaged on our year and a half anniversary and were married on November 6, 2016.

We love to travel and are obsessed with the mountains! Kevin is an amazing hiker and he leads me to all of the coolest places for photos. So really you have him to thank for half of the awesome photos on  my feed and website 🙂

Told ya I was a proud dog mom. Denali (left) is 3 and Tex (right) is 9. They’re so cute and funny and we are so obsessed with them!

I have had a camera in my hands for over 10 years now. I have photographed so many different things in my career. The list consists of: weddings, portraits, engagement sessions, proposals, birth, baby showers, newborns sessions, college football games (sic ’em Bears!), fraternity and sorority events, headshots, meetings, charity events, church services, mission trips, etc. I feel my best when I’m impacting people’s lives with my camera. So thankful for this gift the Lord has given me, all the places I get to go, and the people I get to meet!