A portrait or wedding experience with me is guaranteed to be filled with fun and laughter. I pray for all of my clients before sessions and work really hard to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible. I utilize my time wisely and make sure our sessions don’t last more than an hour unless travel or outfit changes take more time. My passion is capturing organic moments for you and your loved ones in hopes that these photos will serve as wonderful memories throughout generations. Most of all, I look forward to having another new friend after each session, because being able to capture your special memories is something I don’t take for granted.

What do I wear?

My desire is that you look like YOU in your photos. So wear something you’re comfortable in. Neutral colors are always my recommendations with as little patterns as possible. If you do wear patterns, maybe have your partner wear a solid to make your photos not as busy. I recommend no more than two outfit changes, so start in something dressier and we will finish your session in a more casual outfit.

How do I get my photos?

I use the digital photo platform called Pixieset. Pixieset is your place to download and view your online gallery and a place to shop for prints (if you want them). I don’t make you buy prints via Pixieset, but have the option available to you. When downloading your wedding or portrait sessions from Pixieset, back them up to a few different hard drives and places so you never lose your photos. I erase from Pixieset after 60 days and delete from my personal storage system after 1 year. Backup, backup, backup your photos!!!

How long is your turn around for photos?

Per your contract, an engagement or portrait session’s turn around time is within 2 weeks unless otherwise communicated.
Wedding album turn around is within 6-8 weeks unless otherwise communicated. These albums are so much more complex and the time of culling photos, editing, organizing, and shooting other clients wedding days & sessions during these turn around times easily explains the reasoning behind this. 

Can I customize my wedding package?

Yes! Although I don’t offer discounts, I do allow swapping sessions out for hours, adding hours, adding sessions, etc.

Do you offer mini sessions?

No, I do not offer mini sessions. I don’t want to cut a session in half when I can give you my full time and attention. I also don’t like having to consolidate an hour to an hour and a half session in under 30 minutes.

Can you make me look skinnier or add or take certain things out of photos?

My goal when I photograph you is to make you feel confident and show you how amazing you look through a completely different lens than a mirror. I will not photoshop you to look smaller, but I will pose you in a way that is flattering to you.
I can take out small things such as blemishes or bruises, or something in the background, but if you want a T rex chasing you in the background or to stand on the moon, I’m not your gal. 🙂